Wine List

   As with the menus a lot of care has been spent sourcing different wines from slightly out of the way vineyards. Hopefully you will not find any of these on the supermarket shelves. But where the Annandale leads others follow……

Some years ago the hotel had just two bins.  One was marked red and one marked white. Things have moved on a bit since then and listed here are a few items of our present stock. It is not all here but it gives a taste of the range.

We use a number of merchants such as Corneys, BB&R as well as some local suppliers. Sadly Tony, at the Moffat Wine Shop, in Well Street Moffat, has now retired and his shop is now closed. Generally we have tried to give a wide range at very reasonable prices. Where possible we have kept below thirty pounds mark.

Every effort has been made to keep the list current but vintages and prices will be subject to change and availability.