The Annandale Arms Hotel is the perfect place for a base to enjoy the numerous select locations for fishing in the south of Scotland, including fishing on the Annan….

“Behold the fisherman!
He riseth up in the morning
Disturbeth the whole household.
Mighty are his preparations.
He goes forth full of hope.
When the day is far spent
He returneth, smelling of strong
Drink and the truth not in him”

Andy Nicolson on the Annan River

There are two salmon rivers in the area, the Annan and the Nith. The upper reaches of the Annan pass through Moffat at the back of the hotel.

On the River Annan the fishing starts downstream from the hotel at Threewaters where the Annan, the Evan and Moffat Water meet. The river produces good sea trout in May and some fine salmon at the end of the season, when the water is high. Brown trout and grayling give good sport. The fishing extends down stream past the Annandale Water Service Station on the M74 at Johnstonebridge to Lockerbie, some fifteen miles away.

There is a tale that a couple of local quarrymen obtained a quantity of explosive with the idea of poaching some salmon. Being inexperienced in the matter, they used far too large a charge. Not only did they managed to empty the river of fish but also most the water, as well as simultaneously forming a rather fine pool on the upper reaches of the Annan.

The story goes that, with practise, the duo could stun fish without causing a sound or a ripple of the water surface, but then it is just a story. The quarry closed some time ago and there is no longer a fish shop in the town.

For many years now in Annandale, the water has run quietly and undisturbed except by the occasional otter or heron alighting on the surface.

It is rumoured there are some large chub and grayling, which are not restricted by seasons in Scotland. (Remember it is illegal to fish on Sunday in Scotland)

There is loch fishing on the Talla and Megget with some respectable sized trout caught by dapping. Boats can be hired.

Lochmaben has coarse fishing. For the mountaineers Loch Skene has both trout and vendace. There is also a fish farm on the outskirts of Moffat for those who do not want to venture too far.

Fishing on the River Annan